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Full text of "The Heritage Lodge no. 730, A.F. & A.M., G.R.C. : proceedings 1977"

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attic Heritage Conge 2fa. 

K3. tc AJB., <&MM. 

Master-Designate A Secretary-Designate 


10 Mayfield Ave., ^M^kf^ 33 Paul Ave " 

Guelph, Ont., NIG 2L8 JT^WjK Guelph, Ont., N1E 1S3 

Phone -519,821 -4995 ' \/ \ Phone - 5 1 9, 822- 1 248 

Vol. 00, No. 00 CAMBRIDGE (H), ONTARIO, CANADA June, 1977 

The "Founder's Meeting" of The Heritage Lodge was held in the Preston-Hespeler Masonic 
Temple, Cambridge (H), on Wednesday, May 18th, 1977, for the purpose of the Election of 
Officers and the Petition Signing Ceremony. 

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 p.m., with R. Wor. Bro. Roy S. Sparrow presiding, 
who expressed his pleasure at the large attendance and referred the brethren to the printed Agenda 
and the introductory poem. 


Parent of light! accept our praise, 
who shed 'st onus thy brigh test rays; 
the light that fills the mind! 
By choice selected, lo! we stand 
by friendship joined, a mystic band, 
that love, that aid mankind! 
In choral numbers Masons join 
to bless and praise this Light Divine. 

R. Wor. Bro. T.R. Williams, D.D.G.M. of Waterloo District, extended a sincere welcome to 
the brethren and hoped that the occasion would mark a significant landmark toward the forma- 
tion of the new lodge. 

Wor. Bro. J.R. Haddow, President of the Preston-New Hope Masonic Holding Corporation, 
expressed his pleasure that the proposed new lodge had accepted their invitation to use the temple 
facilities for the lodge meetings, and extended a special greeting on behalf of the Holding 
Corporation to the brethren assembled for this important meeting. 

The Prologue was presented by V. Wor. Bro. J. Pos. and is reproduced as follows: 

"Unlike any other founder's meeting for the formation of a new lodge, this meeting has been 
preceeded by many organizational meetings over the past two years and even long before that in 
the hearts and minds of many masons. It must be very gratifying to many here tonight that all the 
thought and planning will culminate into positive action as we take that important step to Petition 
The Grand Lodge for a Dispensation to meet as a Lodge and subsequently for a Warrant of Con- 

Since we have a great deal of work before us this evening, I shall confine these introductory 
remarks to simply bring you up to date following the many resolutions passed at our last meeting 
in Georgetown. No comments have been passed on to me following our decision to name this new 
"Historical" Lodge, The Heritage Lodge; or to the type of membership and the corresponding 
fees. However, with regards the Initiation Fee, there are those who feel that a $200.00 Initiation 
Fee is too low if it is the intent to discourage anyone from becoming a member by Initiation. They 
suggest a fee of $300 or even $500. However that is a matter that can be dealt with, when the 
By-Laws are formulated. 

Your Exectuive Committee was authorized to proceed with the negotiations for the renting of 
the Preston-Hespeler Masonic Temple. Accordingly our representative met with the Preston- 
Hespeler Masonic Temple Corporation on Monday, May 9th. Apparently there was a misunder- 
standing in communications, as I reported to you at our last meeting that we would be charged 
$40.00 per meeting, with possibly four meetings per year. However their understanding was that 
there would be at least 6 meetings per year; and that the contract should indicate an annual rental 
of $240.00 plus $40.00 per meeting for each meeting beyond the sixth. It is also our responsibility 
to provide the necessary cupboards in the space provided for the Lodge Equipment. Since these are 
not the terms on which we based our decision at the last meeting, you may wish to reconsider the 
choice of a meeting place. My personal views are that it is the most convenient and accessible loca- 
tion and it is still the best offer we have received to date even if we have only three meetings in the 
temple per year. Therefore unless someone makes a motion to the contrary before the end of this 
meeting, we shall complete the necessary arrangements. 

However, there is still the problem of the meeting night. At our last meeting there was some 
concern that the fourth Wednesday would conflict with the Spring Reunion of the Ancient and 
Accepted Scottish Rite in Guelph. Fortunately we are now informed that we have a choice of either 
the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month. Remember this will be for the months of September, 
November, March and May. Therefore at the conclusion of this report I shall present a motion to 
the effect that our Regular Meetings be held on the Third Wednesday of the month. 

We were also instructed to proceed with the Petition Signing Ceremony; which is one of the 
main reasons for this meeting. We are very grateful to R. Wor. Bro. Charles Fotheringham, 
Brother Rev. W. Gray Rivers and R. Wor. Bro. Ed Wilson for their contribution to this important 
part of our program. We are also indebted to R. Wor. Bro. Wilson for confirming the Agenda 
with the speakers and following up with the printing of the Program. I am also pleased to report 
that the Artist we have engaged has produced a beautiful Petition in conformity with the Rules and 
Regulations, and I hope that each of you will take the time to examine it at your convenience this 

As you know, about 300 copies of our minutes are sent to all those who have expressed an 
interest in our program, and to each of D.D.G.M.'s of the 43 Districts as well as all the Secretaries 
(about 1 16) of the Eight Districts in our Region to keep them informed of our progress. We also 
send copies to each of the members of the Grand East. In the latter case a special covering letter 
was enclosed, the reason will be evident when I read you the following paragraph: 

"In persuing the minutes, particularly my personal comments, you may perceive our disap- 
pointment with only token support from the Grand Lodge. Regrettably, those comments were 
Promulgated from a single correspondence, and were used in a context to stress the need, on 
our part, to proceed in complete conformity with the Regulations and Constitution of Grand 
Lodge. It was most fortuitous, and we are especially thankful, that M. Wor. Bro. Wm. K. 
Bailey was present to assure us otherwise, and also that Grand Lodge was indeed very 
interested in the proposed new lodge and its objectives. It was at this point in our deliberations 
that the climate of the meeting changed and we were able to proceed with unanimity and 

Subsequently, a meeting of the Grand East was held and the implications of my remarks 
became evident during the course of their discussions, at which time. M. Wor. Bro. Bailey was 
able to clear the air, with the result that the Grand Master, M. Wor. Bro. E.W. Nancekivell, 
directed the Grand Secretary to send a copy of a petition for dispensation to form a new lodge, 
and, also instructions to be followed in this venture. Further assistance was offered if we should 
need it. 

As a sign or proof of his sincerity, we have subsequently received, from M. Wor. Bro. Bailey, 
an application form for Charter Membership in Heritage Lodge and his personal cheque for fees 
and dues. Unfortunately he will not be here this evening to sign the Petition, but he will have an 
opportunity to do so before the end of the month. This same courtesy will be extended to several 
others who are out of the Country or otherwise unable to be present. In this same connection, 
there are several brethren who will be arriving later this evening to affix their signature to the 

We have also received some important correspondence from Wor. Bro. Balfour LeGresley. 
As a former member of the Canadian Masonic Research Association and custodian of the 
remaining funds of that Organization, he has passed on to our Lodge a cheque in the amount of 
$35.15, for which we are indeed grateful. This marks the first donation to be received by the 
Heritage Lodge. There is also some resource material that may be donated to the Lodge at some 
future time, perhaps Wor. Bro. LeGresley may wish to comment on that himself as well as the 
progress he is making concerning an announcement in The Freemason, having to do with the 
formation of The Heritage Lodge. 

At the last meeting, a special committee was elected consisting of V. Wor. Bro. Randall Langs 
as Chairman and R. Wor. Bro. Wm. S. McVittie and Wor. Bro. Stanley T. Halliewell, to act as a 
nominating committee to insure that a list of names of brethren, who would agree to stand as 
officers if elected to the respective offices of the new Lodge. Their task was not without its 
problems and I must admit my personal reluctance didn't make their job any easier. However, 
with the exception of their candidate for Worshipful Master, they have been able to persuade a 
number of impressive masons to return to harness to insure that the proper foundations are 
prepared for the first probationary year. Their recommendations will have representation from 
eight different masonic districts, and equal representation from Wellington and Waterloo 
Districts. Of course this may change somewhat depending on the election which is to follow as 
nominations from the floor will be accepted in democratic fashion. However, more details will be 
announced at the appropriate time. 

A letter (dated April 8th, 1977) was sent to each of the Secretaries of the 15 Lodges in 
Waterloo District and a copy to R. Wor. Bro. Terrence R. Williams, D.D.G.M. of Waterloo 
District advising them of our proposal and asking for their assistance in our endeavours. 

To date we have received letters of recommendation from: 

1 . Concord Lodge No. /22, Cambridge. 

2. New Hope Lodge No. 2/9, Cambridge. 

3. Wilmot Lodge No. 318, Baden. 

4. New Dominion Lodge No. 205, New Hamburg. 

5. Brotherhood Lodge No. /23, Waterloo. 

6. Cambridge Lodge No. 728, Cambridge. 

7. Twin City Lodge No. 509, Kitchener. 

We need at least one more for the necessary 50% majority, and I understand that the 
Resolution was passed in Preston Lodge No. 297, at their last meeting, so we should be hearing 
from them soon. (This has subsequently been received). 

We have yet to hear from: 

1 . Alma Lodge No. 72, Cambridge-Gait 

2. Grand River Lodge No. 151, Kitchener (Since received) 

3. Ayr Lodge No. 172, Ayr 

4. Gait Lodge No. 257, Cambridge-Gait ( Since received) 

5. Waterloo Lodge No. 539, Waterloo 

6. Glenrose Lodge No. 628, Elmira 

7. Temple Lodge No. 690, Kitchener 

In conclusion my Brethren, may I remind you that many new adventures and undertakings 
are not without their frustrations and disappointments, and ours is no exception. Nevertheless in 
the past two years we have demonstrated our ability to overcome these problems and difficulties 
and have continued to work together in harmony toward our major goal. May we continue to do 
so as we establish yet another landmark for our service to the Craft in general and to this The 
Heritage Lodge in particular. 

Respectfully submitted 
Jacob Pos 

It was regularly moved by V. Wor. Bro. Pos, seconded by V. Wor. Bro. Langs, that the 
Regular Meeting Night of The Heritage Lodge be changed to the 3rd Wednesday of the month. 
Motion was carried with 26 for and 1 1 against. 

At this time R. Wor. Bro. Sparrow called on Wor. Bro. Ozzie Whitfield, Wor Master of 
Concord Lodge No. 722, who spoke on behalf of the Officers and Members of his Lodge as the 
sponsoring lodge for the new lodge. 

It is hereby noted that we had previously received a letter from the Worshipful Master and 
Secretary stating — that at a Regular Meeting of the Lodge held on Thursday, April 7th, 1977, the 
following resolution was passed by a large majority: 

"That Concord Lodge No. 722, sponsor the new historic lodge, The Heritage Lodge." 

"Concord Lodge thus expresses its goodwill toward The Heritage Lodge and looks forward 
to its early institution." 

R. Wor. Bro. C.A. Parsons, in responding to this gracious offer, thanked the Worshipful 
Master, Officers and Members of Concord Lodge and assured them that with such tremendous 
support the future of the new lodge would be guaranteed. 

R. Wor. Bro. Sparrow added his personal thanks and then called on V. Wor. Bro. Randall D. 
Langs for the Report of the Nominating Committee, which is reproduced as follows: 

The Heritage Lodge 

The Nominating Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Brethren 
who have worked to make this event a reality. They have given us their best advice and help in the 
selections that we are about to present to you this evening. 

You are all aware that nominations for Office in a Masonic Lodge are not standard pro- 
cedure, but due to the wide area covered by our Charter Members, it was decided at the last 
organization meeting, by a vote of the Brethren present to appoint a Nominating Committee to 
propose a slate of prospective Officers who would agree to accept the office if elected. Also, it was 
agreed to call for nominations from the floor. All of the recognized Lodge Offices will be filled in 
this manner, to hold office in the Interim period between The Institution and the Granting of a 
Charter and Constitution of this Lodge. It will be understood that when The Charter is granted, 
the necessary officers will be elected in the usual Masonic Manner and the remainder appointed by 
the Worshipful Master. 

The Officers you elect tonight, with the assistance of all of the Charter Members are expected 
to be very active in promoting the Interests of The Heritage Lodge, whenever they are speaking to 
a Brother or Visiting a Lodge. 

The Committee endeavoured to cover as wide an area as possible in their selection of the 
names about to be presented for the various offices, and at the same time propose Brethren of 
proven talents who will work to expand the influence of The Heritage Lodge. 

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, I would like to thank all the very able Brethren who 
have offered their services, and we are indeed sorry there were not sufficient offices available to 
use all your services. However, please be assured there will be other opportunities and we would 
encourage you to continue your interest and support. 

The Committee recommends that — the election be conducted in the following manner: The 
Officer conducting the election will name each office, read the name of the Brother proposed by 
the Nominating Committee, call three times for additional nominations from the floor, and then 
declare that nominating for that office be closed. This will insure that all Brethren who are Charter 
Members will have had an opportunity to exercise their right to nominate a candidate for each of 
the offices. 

Respectfully submitted, 

R. Wor. Bro. Wm. S. McVittie 

Wor. Bro. Stan Hallivell 

V. Wor. Bro. Randall D. Langs (Chairman) 

The full slate of nominees proposed by the Nominating Committee was then presented on a 
large chalkboard for all the brethren to see. 

It was regularly moved by Bro. Ken Bartlett and seconded by Wor. Bro. Ernest Brown, that 
the report of the Nominating Committee be accepted and the Committee discharged with thanks. 
Motion carried by the applause of the brethren. 


R. Wor. Bro. Sparrow then appointed V. Wor. Bro. Langs presiding Officer and instructed him 
to proceed with the election of officers according to the procedure outlined previously. The 
following officers were subsequently elected: 

W.M. V. Wor. Bro. Jacob Pos J.S. R.Wor. Bro. Ronald E. Groshaw 

1P.M. R. Wor. Bro. N. Richard Richards Tyler R. Wor. Bro. Wm. S. McVittie 

S.W. R. Wor. Bro. Keith R.A. Flynn Sec. Bro. Herbert F. Steele 

J.W. R. Wor. Bro. Donald G.S. Grinton Ass. Sec. Wor. Bro. Joseph J. Vliehs 

S.D. Wor. Bro. L. James DeZeeuw Treas. R. Wor. Bro. W. Ed Wilson 

J.D. Bro. G.E. Zwicker D. ofC. R. Wor. Bro. Roy S. Sparrow 

I.G. Wor. Bro. Ernest J.Brown Chaplain Bro. Rev. W. Gray Rivers 

S.S. Wor. Bro. Robert J. Welt Organist R. Wor. Bro. Charles Fotheringham 


R. Wor. Bro. Sparrow called on Bro. Rev. W. Gray Rivers, Chaplain designate for the 
invocation which was followed by the singing of the hymn "Faith Of Our Fathers". 

R. Wor. Bro. W.E. Wilson then called the roll of the founding members, who approached the 
altar in turn and affixed their signature to the Petition, especially designed for the occasion. Of the 
76 paid up charter members, 56 were present for the formal ceremony. 

After the closing hymn "O God Our Help In Ages Past", the Chaplain concluded the 
ceremony with the benediction. 


On the Treasurer's request for signing authority, it was regularly moved by R. Wor. Bro. 
McVittie, seconded by Wor. Bro. O.T. Flint, that any two of the following officers be empowered 
to sign expenditures: W.M., Treas., or Sec. 

V. Wor. Bro. Pos informed the meeting that the residence of our first Grand Master, M. 
Wor. Bro. William Mercer Wilson had come on the market for sale in Simcoe, Ontario. 
Considerable discussion followed concerning its use as a possible museum, and alternative 
methods of obtaining funds for its purchase. No decisions were reached at this time. 


As the next general meeting will be the Ceremony of Institution should the prayer of our 
petition be granted by the Grand Master, the date of the meeting will have to be arranged at a time 
convenient to those who will be responsible for the occasion. 

In the future, the form of dress for the officers will be notified on each summons. 

R. Wor. Bro Sparrow moved for adjournment, and the meeting was closed in harmony at 
10:50 p.m. and the brethren retired to the banquet room for refreshments. 


The Brethren will be pleased to learn that 104 Charter Members have signed the Petition, and 
that it was delivered in person, complete with all the supporting documents and letters of certifica- 
tion to the Grand Secretary, M. Wor. Bro. J. A. Irvine, Wednesday, June 8, 1977. 

M. Wor. Bro. Irvine advised that with such a large number of names to review, coupled with 
the tremendous work load on the office staff in preparation for the Annual Communication of the 
Grand Lodge in July, it will be several weeks before we can expect a decision from the Grand 


In the meantime there is a great deal of work to be done if the prayers of our petition are 
answered; and I would ask each of you to give serious thought to the following subjects which 
could very well become, in addition to the customary committees in a regular lodge, special 
working committees unique to The Heritage Lodge: 

1 . ON MEMBERSHIP — It was reported earlier by Task Force No. 5, (Accounting and Finance), 
that for the lodge to be economically viable and maintain a low annual dues structure, there 
should be an additional 400 regular members by affiliation. If we are to achieve this number 
each of us, on the average, should sponsor four new members. From the tremendous interest 
this project has created in so many districts, I feel confident this goal can be achieved. 

2. ON LODGE REGALIA AND EQUIPMENT — The lodge will have to procure the necessary 
regalia and equipment including the V.O.T.S.L., working tools and wards etc. Several officers 
have suggested that they might purchase their own collar and jewel and then present it to the 
lodge (each would cost about $30.00 with engraving). Other brethren may wish to make 
personal contributions. 

3. ON LODGE BY-LAWS — This responsibility has been delegated to Task Force No. 7, (Con- 
stitutions, Regulations etc.); and while there is no immediate urgency, nevertheless R. Wor. 
Bro. Keith Flynn could use more volunteers. 

4. ON A LODGE EMBLEM — Two suggestions have already been received and they were 
included with the minutes of the second organization meeting. One of these was later exhibited 
in full colour by Wor. Bro. Stewart Thurtell. Most of the brethren liked it very much, some 
made suggestions for minor changes and a few preferred a different design. We are open for 
suggestions. Such an emblem could be used on the lodge stationary, bulletins and other pub- 
lished material. The first page of these proceedings has a phantom view of an idea that may 
stimulate other suggestions. Please submit your ideas and also your comments on this format 
for our lodge proceedings and other publications. Perhaps we can come up with a unique 
Heritage Lodge emblem to replace the square and compass in the heading of this leaflet. 

5. ON MASONIC INFORMATION — The production of masonic papers, historical reviews and 
special lectures is one of the major objectives of The Heritage Lodge. Therefore it is extremely 
important, at the outset, that we obtain the very best scholars to insure a high standard in the 
quality of the work upon which our reputation will be evaluated. Authors need not be restricted 
to the members of the lodge, we'll need all the help we can get. 

6. ON A CENTRAL DATA BANK — Some means will have to be devised whereby all lodges can 
contribute information concerning items of major historical interest in their respective lodges. 
This could be done through the Lodge Historians who could act as a liaison between the 
Central Inventory Committee and of The Heritage Lodge and their own Lodge. 

ON A LODGE LIBRARY — Much resource material will be required for scholarly research in 
the preparation of papers, lectures and historical reviews. Several brethren have already offered 
to donate books and reference material for this purpose. We shall need a great deal more as 
well as assistance in recording aquisitions and organizing a lending procedure. 

ON REGIONAL MASONIC WORKSHOPS — It has been the practice to organize a major 
workshop every three years. The most recent one was held in 1975 at Brantford and Hanover. 
The next one should be in 1978. Many brethren have expressed a desire to continue with the 
workshops and that it should be a function of the Heritage Lodge. There are ample funds in the 
Workshop Account, although the workshops in the past have always been selfsustaining. 

No doubt there are many other responsibilities to be considered if we are to carry out all the 
objectives of the new lodge. However, let us proceed cautiously but positively and not take on too 
much in the beginning. A few things done right will bring credit to the lodge. May the most high 
prosper our united endeavours. 

J. Pos 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

aUje Heritage IGnuge WL3. 

A.3F. & A.iW., <S.2L(E. 

Instituted: September 21st, 1977 

V.W. Bro. JACOB POS, W. M. W. Bro. JAMES A. FAULKNER, Sec'y 

10 May field Ave., 22 Echo Drive, 

Guelph, Ontario, NIG 2L8 Guelph, Ontario, NIG 1H2 

Vol. 01, No. 01 CAMBRIDGE (H), ONTARIO, CANADA October 25, 1977 

This correspondence includes the Regular Summons for the next meeting, the proceedings of 
the Institutional Meeting of September 21 , 1977, and a report of the General Purpose Meeting of 
October 19, 1977. 


Dear Sir and Brother: 

I am directed by the Worshipful Master to request your attendance at a Regular Communica- 
tion of The Heritage Lodge to be held in the Preston-Hespeler Masonic Temple at the N.E. 
corner of the intersection of Highways 401 and 24 on WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 
16, 1977, at 8:00 p.m. prompt for the purpose of transacting such business as may be regularly 
brought before the lodge. The Guest Speaker will be R.W.Bro. Wallace E. McLeod, Chairman of 
the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education; his paper is entitled "The Ancient Charges", 
which will be followed by an open discussion. 

Fraternally yours, 
James A. Faulker, Sec'y 


At the Regular Meeting on November 16th, the reports of the committee of enquiry will be 
received and if favourable the ballot for membership by affiliation will be taken for the following: 

1. BRUCE, Francis Joseph, 46 Muir Dr., Scarborough, Age 56, Jeweller, member of Birchcliff 
Lodge No. 612, G.R.C., recommended by M.W.Bro. W. K. Bailey and R.W.Bro. R. E. Gro- 

2. BOND, Quentin Joseph, 1285 Cahil Dr., Ste. 305, Ottawa, Age 25, Secondary School 
Teacher, member of University Lodge No. 496, G.R.C., recommended by W.Bro. B. 
LeGresley and Bro. C. Brodeur. 

3. CAMPBELL, William Archibald, 79 Mill St. S., Brampton, Age 74, Retired, member of 
Hanover Lodge No. 432, G.R.C., recommended by V.W. Bro. J. Pos and Bro. L. J. DeZeeuw. 

4. CURTIS, Wilfred James, 795 Eagle Dr., Burlington, Age 61, Industrial Engineer, member of 
Westmount Lodge No. 671, G.R.C., recommended by R.W.Bro. G. I. Davies and Bro. J. E. 

5. FISHCARRIER, Henry, R.R. #2, Ohsweken, Age 49, Municipal Clerk, member of Hiram 
Lodge No. 319, G.R.C., recommended by V.W. Bro. J. Pos and V.W. Bro. R. D. Langs. 

6. FLOYD, Peter MacPhail, 6 Bishop St., Kingston, Age 50, Research Technician, member of 
Queen's Lodge No. 578, recommended by W.Bro. A. J. Cohoe and Bro. J. A. Faulkner. 

7. GERO, Emery, 12 Linelle St., Willowdale, Age 63, Lumberman, member of Andor Gero 
Lodge No. 726, recommended by M.W.Bro. W. K. Bailey and V.W. Bro. J. Pos. 

8. LA VINE, Lewis J., 19 Grace Ave., Brantford, Age 66, Retired Administrator, member of 
Queen City Lodge No. 552, recommended by R.W.Bro. F. W. Bowery and V.W. Bro. R. D. 

9. LYONS, Henry Walter, 91 Northdale Blvd., Toronto, Age 75, Retired, member of Canada 
Lodge No. 532, recommended by V.W. Bro. J. Pos and Bro. D. Nicholls. 

10. McFADGEN, Duncan John, 400 Smith Ave., Age 55, Power Switchboard Operator, member 
of Wellington Square Lodge No. 725, recommended by R.W.Bro. G. I. Davies and Bro. J.E. 

11. MOORE, George Frederick, R.R. #1 Limehouse, Age 51, Engineering Technician, member of 
Credit Lodge No. 219, recommended by R.W.Bro. W. E. Wilson and W.Bro. L. K. Norton. 

12. NEU, John G., 19 Athlone Rd., Cambridge, Age 54, Manager, member of New Hope Lodge 
No. 279, recommended by R.W.Bro. Wm. S. McVittie, and W.Bro. J. J. Vliehs. 

13. PLESTER, Carman Richard, R.R. #3 Flesherton, Age 45, Farmer, member of Prince Arthur 
Lodge No. 333, recommended by V. W.Bro. J. Pos and Bro. L. J. DeZeeuw. 

14. PRICE, Kenneth A., 640 Roselawn Ave., Apt. 100, Age 48, Printer, member of East Gate 
Lodge No. 693, recommended by M. W.Bro. W. K. Bailey and R.W.Bro. W. E. McLeod. 

15. RALPH, Edmund V., 56 Castlegrove Blvd., Don Mills, Age 50, Social Worker, member of 
Ashlar Lodge No. 247, recommended by R.W.Bro. Wm. S. McVittie and V. W.Bro. J. Pos. 

16. ROBERTS, Thomas G., 7 Mira Rd., Thornhill, Age 55, Area Supervisor (Texaco), member of 
Patterson Lodge No. 265, recommended by R.W.Bro. W. E. McLeod and V. W.Bro. J. Pos. 

17. SCARBOROUGH, Earl James, 316 9th St., Hanover, Age 52, Refrigeration Service and 
Sales, member of Hanover Lodge No. 432, recommended by V. W.Bro. J. Pos and Bro. L. J. 

18. SIMO, Ernest, 10 McClinchy Ave., Toronto, Age 62, Professional Engineer, member of 
Andor Gero Lodge No. 726, recommended by M. W.Bro. Wm. K. Bailey and V. W.Bro. J. 

19. THROOP, Robert Sheldon, R.R. #2, Taunton Rd., Oshawa, Age 56, Professional Engineer, 
member of Temple Lodge No. 666, recommended by W.Bro. E. J. Brown and Bro. G. E. 

20. WOODSIDE, Donald James, 81 Park St., Brockville, Age 72, Retired School Teacher, 
member of Sussex Lodge No. 5, recommended by V. W.Bro. J. Pos and W.Bro. A. J. Cohoe. 


September 21st., 1977 

The first meeting of The Heritage Lodge U.D. was held in the Preston-Hespeler Masonic 
Temple, Cambridge, on Wednesday, September 21st., 1977, under the sponsorship of Concord 
Lodge No. 722. The Lodge was opened by R.W. Bro. Charles F. Grimwood, D.D.G.M. of Water- 
loo District, assisted by the following Officers: 

I. P.M. 

R.W. Bro. F. Daniels 


V.W. Bro. C. Ackert 


R.W. Bro. F. Barrett 


R.W. Bro. L. Hertel 


R.W. Bro. B. Omand 


R.W. Bro. A Prestwich 


R.W. Bro. J. Sutton 

D. ofC. 

R.W. Bro. R. Carse 


V.W. Bro. J. Dance 

Ass't. D. ofC. 

R.W. Bro. R. Brubacher 


R.W. Bro. D. Bowie 


V.W. Bro. E. Gutpell 


V.W. Bro. H.Craig 


W. Bro. T. Foss 

CEREMONY OF INSTITUTION — A most impressive and dignified Ceremony of Institution 
was conducted during which the Dispensation from Grand Lodge was presented to the Lodge 
with the proclamation that the lodge has been solemnly instituted for the purposes of Masonry, 
according to ancient usage. After the officers named in the Dispensation and the other officers ap- 
pointed had taken their proper places in the lodge, R.W. Bro. Grimwood addressed the brethern 
and wished them every success in this unique undertaking. (The new officers are listed elsewhere in 
this report.) 

WORSHIPFUL MASTER'S REMARKS — Brethern I cannot conceal the satisfaction this mo- 
ment affords, and I am sure our guests will forgive us a few moments as we savour the fruits of our 

Many of you have devoted long hours and travelled many miles during the past two years for the 
cause at hand. You have experienced obstacles and disappointments but your total efforts have 
been unfailing and the Lodge is indeed grateful for your unselfish service and dedication. 

We are now at the threshold of even greater challenges and a more extensive service to Free- 
masonry as we strive, to accomplish those important objectives we have set ourselves. Some of you 
have not only declined the honour, which you so richly deserve, of being designated one of the first 
officers of the lodge, but in true masonic tradition have offered your services in perhaps less 
prominent positions to carry out those essential tasks behind the scenes to insure the continuing 
success of this unique lodge which has no precedence in our Jurisdiction. 

APPRECIATIONS — The W.M. then called on R.W. Bro. Allan Broadley to express the 
appreciation of the new lodge to R.W. Bro. Grimwood and his officers of the evening. This was 
seconded by R.W. Bro R.E. Groshaw and supported by the applause of the Brethren. 

It was regularly moved by R.W. Bro. Keith Flynn seconded by Bro. George Zwicker that a 
hearty vote of thanks be extended to Wor. Bro. Ozzie Whitfield and the Officers and Members of 
Concord Lodge No. 722 for sponsoring The Heritage Lodge and for allowing us to use their 
Regalia and Furnishings until we can make other arrangements. Carried. 

It was regularly moved by V.Wor. Bro. Randall Langs seconded by R.W. Bro. John Hunter 
that we thank the 15 Lodges of Waterloo District for their unanimous support for the formation 
of the new lodge in their District. Carried with the applause of the brethren. 

MINUTES — Regularly moved by the W. Bro. Ernest Brown, seconded by Bro. George Zwicker 
that the minutes as circulated in the Proceedings dated June, 1977, be adopted as if read. Carried. 

CORRESPONDENCE — Letter Dated July 11, 1977 was received from Bro. H.F. Steele, ex- 
pressing regrets that he was unable to accept the office of Secretary of The Heritage Lodge because 
of a conflict of dates. 

A letter dated September 12, 1977, was received from the Grand Secretary advising the Lodge 
that the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. Robert E. Davies, had given permission for the following 
brethren, who live outside the 25 mile limit of the jurisdiction of The Heritage Lodge to hold office 
in the said lodge for the ensuing year: 

R.W. Bro. Keith R.D. Flynn, Atwood, S.W. 
R.W. Bro. Donald G.S. Grinton, Brantford, J.W. 
W. Bro. James De Zeeuw, Teeswater, S.D. 

Bro. George E. Zwicker, Peterborough, J.D. 
W. Bro. Robert J. Welt, Beachville, S.L. 
R.W. Bro. Ronald E. Groshaw, Islington, J.S. 
R.W. Bro. W.E. Wilson, Georgetown, Treasurer 

Bro. Rev. W. Gray Rivers, Palermo, Chaplain 

ELECTION — For the office of Secretary. R.W. Bro. Grinton nominated W. Bro. James Albert 
Faulkner. Moved by Bro. Zwicker, seconded by W. Bro. Vliehs that nominations close. Carried. 

The Worshippful Master then designated W. Bro. James Albert Faulkner, Secretary of The 
Heritage Lodge. 

ACCOUNTS — Moved by R.W. Bro. Wilson, seconded by R.W. Bro. Hutchinson that the fol- 
lowing accounts amounting to $1 13.76 be paid. Carried 

Guelph Printing Service Ltd. (200 Lodge Notices for September) $ 77.36 

Secretary's Account (Envelopes, stamps and G.L. Dispenstion) 36.40 

Total $113.76 

PETITIONS — The twenty applications for affiliation as listed under BALLOT on page 1 were 
received. It was regularly moved by R.W. Bro. Flynn, seconded by W. Bro. Taylor that the ap- 
plications be received and the usual committees appointed. Carried. 

APPOINTMENT OF LODGE COMMITTEES — The Worshipful Master outlined the duties and 
responsibilities of the various Standing and Appointed Committees that would be required in the 
first year of operation. He intimated that in all probability the kind of committees and the nature 
of the responsibilites would change as the work of the lodge progressed. 


GENERAL PURPOSE — This committee should consist of all elected and appointed officers of 
the lodge, chairman of the lodge committees and brethren who from time to time may be assigned 
specific tasks. In the beginning there should be at least two meetings per year; the first on October 
19, 1977, as already indicated in this months' lodge notice, and the other, subject to the approval 
of the members, on April 19, 1978. Additional meetings may be required as the needs of the lodge 
dictate. I recommend that the Sr. Warden chair the meeting and the Assistant Secretary record the 
minutes and perform such other duties normally carried out by the Secretary only as they pertain 
to the work of the General Purpose Committee. 

VISITATION & TRANSPORTATION — As the program of the lodge developes and we are in- 
vited to participate in the meetings of other lodges, the details of the visitation and the method of 
transportation will be under the supervision of this committee. Since we shall in all probability, 
expecially during this first year, be preoccupied with our own program; the work of this Commit- 
tee will obviously be somewhat limited. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to the 
establishment of a well organized procedure and set of guidelines for the years ahead. Perhaps a 
car pool could be organized for the presentation of special lectures to other lodges. I recommend 
that the Jr. Warden provide the leadership with assistance from the Secretary and Worshipful 
Master for the necessary correspondence on behalf of the lodge. 

MEMBERSHIP & UNATTACHED MASONS — Every member of the lodge should assume 
some obligation in this area of outreach, because the personal contact has proven to be the most 
effective method of gaining new members. While we are very fortunate in having such a large 
number of founding members, it will still be necessary to double and triple our membership in the 
next two years if we are to become an economically viable force in attempting to accomplish all the 
objectives we have established for ourselves. Each member of the lodge should sponsor one or two 
new affiliated masons in each of the next two critical years. 

There are many brethren in good standing who, for various reasons, have not affiliated with a 
lodge after moving into a new jurisdiction. By inviting them to become members of The Heritage 
Lodge, we not only help ourselves, but also renew their interest in Freemasonry. I recommend that 
the Sr. Deacon be placed in charge of this committee. 

REFRESHMENT & ENTERTAINMENT — With the possible exception of the night of Installa- 
tion and Investiture, refreshments should be kept to the minimum of a suitable beverage/s and a 
choice bit for a tasty treat (cheese and crackers or cookies). This will allow for greater flexibility 
during the social hour and allow those coming from greater distances more opportunity to leave 
earlier if they so desire. I recommend that the Sr. Stewart look after these arrangements with 
assistance from the Jr. Stewart as needed. 

OTHER STANDING COMMITTEES — These may be required at a later time depending on the 
needs of the District and other circumstances. 


MASONIC INFORMATION — This committee should address itself specifically to the first three 
objectives established by Task Force Group No. 1 , "Purpose and Objectives" and I quote: 

" 1 . To preserve, maintain and uphold those historical events that formed the foundation 
of Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry. 

2. To provide a service by answering request for masonic historical information. 

3. To produce lodge proceedings, research papers and historical reviews; and to 
arrange special lectures and visual presentations." 

The first of these is fundamentally basic to all our deliberations. The third is to be shared with 
the committee on Publications. These committees should not only work together, but to some ex- 
tent may have dual membership to insure some degree of continuity. The second objective, stated 
above, could be achieved by preparing short articles in the form of questions and answers for bul- 
letins and news letters; or by answering specific requests from Craft Lodges. 

The terms of reference for this committee are enunciated in the various reports submitted by the 
Task Force Groups as recorded in the minutes of the first three organizational meetings. These 
should be carefully reviewed and reformulated in keeping with the new Objectives of The Heritage 
Lodge and presented for approval to the Lodge Membership. While the immediate concern is for 
the development of a short term program for this year, planning should also proceed for the de- 
velopment of a long term program so that the General Purpose Committee can plan the complete 
agenda for each of the four Regular Meetings one year in advance. 

I recommend that W. Bro. Gary J. Powell chair this committee. 

CENTRAL DATA BANK — This may not be an appropriate title, and the committee may wish to 
recommend a suitable alternative. Nevertheless, the work of this committee should relate to the 
Lodge Objective No. 4, wherein we have agreed to organize a central inventory of items of 
masonic historical interest. An excellent example of this type of activity is the work of Bro. John 

E. Taylor titled "Reminiscences in Research," Bulletin No. 1 15, September, 1975, which I believe 
may be the last paper published by the Canadian Masonic Research Association. 

Considerable discussion has already been given to this subject, and I would refer the committee 
to the Minutes of our Second Organizational Meeting held in the Guelph Masonic Temple, No- 
vember 30th., 1976, and the Report of the Task Force Group No. 6 "Information Retrieval and 
Dissemination" under the leadership of W. Bro. Balfour LeGresley. 

The members of this committee and/or Lodge Representatives (Possibly Lodge Historians as 
they may be formed under the new Grand Lodge Constitution currently being revised) would be ex- 
pected to visit extensively across the province and search out items of significant interest, record 
the important historical information and verify the factual data. This information should then be 
prbcessed, catalogued and stored for easy access. The artifacts or items of historical significance 
so discovered would always remain in the possession of the respective lodges. The lodges would be 
encouraged, by demonstration, to restore the treasures and place them on suitable display in their 
respective lodges. 

The Lodge Historians could be of considerable assistance in this work and may be organized on 
a regional basis with regional representation on this committee. 

I recommend that R.W. Bro. Ronald E. Groshaw chair this committee. 

MASONIC MUSEUM — Originally, the concept of a Masonic Museum was given a low priority 
and considered only as a possible future objective; in the final analysis this may still be the ultimate 
decision. However, as many of you are aware, certain developments have taken place recently that 
necessitate the appointment of a committee at this time to study the situation and keep abreast of 
developments both within the Lodge and external to it: 

Having solicited the response of several Brethren, and having discussed the matter with Grand 
Lodge and other Legal Authorities, it soon became apparent that if we hope to raise sufficient 
funds from a variety of sources to establish and maintain a Masonic Museum and to be able to 
issue official receipts for income tax purposes, it would be necessary first to Incorporate a 
Charitable Foundation separate from the Lodge; as Lodges are unable to own property. 

I have subsequently contacted the Minister for Consumer and Corporate Affairs of the Federal 
Government, and we have received all the necessary forms and instructions to allow us to proceed. 
The exact cost cannot be predicted at this time as several searches may be required before a 
suitable name or title can be accepted. A rough estimate is $200.00. Perhaps we should not proceed 
too far and postpone our final negotiation until we are certain that The Heritage Lodge will receive 
a Charter of Constitutions. 

Nevertheless, I would recommend that we proceed with the first step to authorize the search for 
and the registration of a legally accepted name for the proposed charitable organization. This first 
step would cost about $20.00 and provide the necessary protection for the Official Title while we 
consider future plans. My suggestion for a name for the proposed Corporation is as follows: 

"The Heritage Masonic Museum Foundation" 
Since this has been a personal objective of mine for a long time, I would ask for your permission 
to allow me to continue to pursue it further, and I would welcome any assistance that may be 

LODGE LIBRARY — I have mixed feelings on this important subject. On the one hand I sym- 

paythize with the desire of those craft lodges who wish to build-up a suitable lending library for the 
benefit of its members, and for those that have the facilities and resources this is a commendable 
undertaking; then I think about The Heritage Lodge and those masonic scholars who will be pre- 
paring papers of historical interest for our benefit; no doubt they have an extensive masonic 
library of their own and will wish to continue, as long as they are able, to conduct research within 
the comfort and seclusion of their own sanctum sanctorum. 

But what about the young mason who is searching for more light and truth, how are we going to 
encourage this interest and provide the means for further development? We have already received 
offers of books to start a Library. Perhaps the Library Committee should thoroughly investigate 
the possibilities and after evaluating the various alternatives, submit a proposal for the approval of 
the lodge. 

I recommend that R.W. Bro. Roy S. Sparrow chair this committee. 

REGIONAL MASONIC WORKSHOPS - These have served a very useful purpose for the 
original Eight Masonic Districts, and it is the general opinion that they should be continued to 
serve an even greater area of our expanding influence. A pattern has developed over the years 
whereby a major Week-End Workshop has been organized every three years with several One-Day 

Workshops or Seminars in between with one or more Districts working together to share the re- 
sponsibilities. The Immediate Past D.D.G.M.'s played an important part in the planning and 
organizing of the Major Workshops. 

It would be my recommendation that we dissolve the former Executive Committee, keeping only 
a few key Officers active to insure some degree of continuity and to bring in younger masons with 
new ideas. We should be introducing programs of interest for the newly initiated as well as the ex- 
perienced masons. 

As we have complete minutes of our deliberations for the past 6 years, it is unnecessary at this 
time to_expound on the relative merits and objectives for future workships. The new committee 
should review the past proceedings, establish new objectives and submit their proposals, establish 
recommendations for the approval of the lodge. If the traditional pattern is to continue, the next 
major Workshop or Seminar should be organized for 1979. Allowing for the necessary lead time 
even with an experienced executive, planning should soon be underway. 

One suggestion that may be worthy of consideration, especially now that Grand Lodge may be 
recognizing an office for a Historian, is the development of a workshop program of instruction for 
Lodge Historians. We might consider a series of topics such as: how to organize historical records; 
how to restore and preserve important papers, photographs and documents; how to create a small 
lodge museum for the display of masonic artifacts. These are all topics that relate directly to the 
aims and objectives of the The Heritage Lodge. 

I recommend that V.W. Bro. Randall D. Langs act as chairman of this committee until such 
time as the future of this activity is determined. 

FURNISHINGS, EQUIPMENT & REGALIA — Every new lodge must, in accordance with the 
Rules, Regulations and Constitution, obtain suitable facilities, furnishings and other 
paraphernalia to conduct the affairs of the lodge. A review of the minutes of our past deliberations 
will show that several suggestions and offers have been put forward. 

It should be the responsibility of this Committee to prepare an inventory of all the furnishings, 
items, regalia etc., that will be required to permit us to operate as a Regular Lodge; then to consult 
with the Preston New Hope Masonic Holding Corporation to ascertain the full extent of the 
facilities available or allocated for our supplies and equipment. 

Having compared our needs and examined the available resources the Committee should evalu- 
ate the alternatives and make a recommendation to the lodge. This should also include the nature 
and type or design of a cabinet required for storage of lodge equipment. 

Since our initial membership comes from 61 different lodges representing 18 districts, there will 
be many members that are not acquainted with each other. This Committee, in consultation with 
the Committee charged with the design of a Lodge Seal and Banner or Crest, should look into the 
need for designing and obtaining name badges which should not only give the name of the Brother, 
but also identify The Heritage Lodge. These badges should be inconspicuous commensurate with 
the conservative decorum of Freemasonry, may I suggest a black plastic laminate with a light blue 
underlay and a simple lapel clasp. 

I recommend that Wor. Bro. Ernest J. Brown, Chair this Committee. 

LODGE SEAL AND BANNER — It is the usual practice for most lodges to use a distinctive seal, 
logo, design or monogram for all its important documents, forms and stationery. Occasionally the 
design is further developed to create a lodge crest and possibly a lodge banner. Several suggestions 
for a crest have already been submitted by members of the lodge. These have been displayed at 
Organizational Meetings, and have been illustrated in the minutes of meetings and the Lodge 

We have also received correspondence from Wor. Bro. W.R. Warren, a Past Master of Miss- 
issauga Lodge No. 524 and now in his 81st year. He has been recognized for his creative talents 
and has designed crests for: 

Ionic Lodge Harry Martyn Lodge 

South Gate Lodge The Mount Moriah Lodge 

Joseph Hearn Lodge Port Credit Chapter, R.A.M. 

These have all been adopted by their respective lodges. Wor. Bro. Warren has offered his 
assistance although he suggests that because of his advanicing years some other capable draftsman 
develop his ideas. We have already received samples of his work and two proposals for The 
Heritage Lodge to be considered by the Committee. 

Since we are in urgent need of a distinctive design for our forms and stationary, I would suggest 
that the Committee review all the proposals and submit, for the approval of the Lodge, appropri- 
ate designs for: 

1. Lodge letterhead 6. Lodge library book sticker 

2. Affiliation form 7. Demit form 

3. Member statement sheet 8. Lodge Seal 

4. Dues card 9. Lodge Banner 

5. Investigating Committee Report Form 10. Identification name badge 
I recommend that Wor. Bro. Stewart Thurtell Chair this Committee. 

LODGE BY-LAWS — The orginal Task Force Group No. 7, "On Compliance with the Rules, 
Regulations and Constitution of Grand Lodge" under the leadership of R.Wor. Bro. Keith Flynn, 
has been given the responsibility of drafting the By-Laws for the Lodge. Since these will not be 
required until the Lodge is Warranted, I have asked the Committee to give immediate attention to 
a matter of greater importance at this time. I refer to the revision to the Book of Constitution 
which is now being circulated to all the Lodges by the Grand Secretary for comments and sugges- 
tions for improvement. 

Since we have encountered some difficulties in attempting to conform to the Book of Constitu- 
tion in the formation of The Heritage Lodge, this seems to be a most opportune time to make 
suggestions for the necessary changes should other areas within the Jurisdiction of the Grand 
Lodge also wish to form a Historical or Research Lodge. 

This Committee should examine the "proposal for revision" carefully and prepare detailed 
instructions by Section and Sub-Section etc., corresponding to headings in the draft of the revision. 
This information should be made available to a member of each of the 61 Lodges represented in 
The Heritage Lodge. These Brethren would then work through their respective lodges to bring 
about the changes recommended by our Lodge Committee. 

As Grand Lodge is asking for final reports from the lodges by November, 1977, there isn't very 
much time if we are to have any influence for the benefit of future research or historical lodges. 

PUBLICATIONS — Because of the very nature of the Lodge and as a large percentage of its 
ultimate membership will not be able to attend all the meetings this Committee will have the 
important task of keeping in close contact with all the Standing and Appointed Committees to 
keep the members at large informed at all times. This may best be accomplished by publishing 
comprehensive proceedings at regular intervals throughout the year. 

All research papers and major reports should be reviewed and if accepted, edited and published 
in some manner for distribution. 

An Editorial Board should be formed to establish editorial policy and recommend a suitable 
format for the various publications. 

I recommend that R.Wor. Bro. John B. Hunter Chair this Committee. 

It was regularly moved by R.W.Bro. Wm. S. McVittie, seconded by R.W.Bro. David Bradley, 
that the recommendations for the Standing and Appointed Committees as proposed by the 
Worshipful Master be accepted. Carried. 

GENERAL BUSINESS — R.W. Bro. W.E. Wilson reported on the financial position of the lodge 
and reminded the brethren that more members will be required to bring up the Operating Account. 
The Worshipful Master reported on a black ebony gavel (valued at $85.00) that he has examined 
in an antique shop near Simcoe, Ontario. It was artistically hand carved with ornate patterns and 
the words "W.M. Wilson Lodge, A.F. & A.M., No. 86, G.R.C." The silver plate was engraved as 
follows: "To Wor. Bro. R.T. Lewis, by the Craftsmen of W.B. & R., 1917". Subsequent corres- 
pondence with Wr. Bro. Douglas R. Johnson, Secretary of Wilson Lodge No. 86, informs us that: 
"Richard T. Lewis was installed as Master in December, 1916. His vocation was as a traveller and 
he affiliated with Wilson Lodge March 21, 1905 from Alpha Lodge No. 384." The following is an 
excerpt from the minutes of the Lodge dated January 16, 1917: 

"A pleasing feature at this meeting was a presentation of a beautifully carved ebony gavel and 
leather bound illuminated address to W. Bro. R.T. Lewis, the W.M. by members of the staff 
of Messrs. Warwick Bros. & Rutter, and other personal friends. The presentation was made 
on behalf of the brethren by Bro. Foster, superintendent of the firm." 
W. Bro. Thurtell gave a brief discussion on the appreciation value of land and buildings in 
connection with assessments and taxes for the proposed museum. 

The Worshipful Master then called on the Senior and Junior Wardens respectively for conclud- 
ing remarks and the Lodge was closed in harmony at 10:05 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 
James. A. Falkner, Sec'y 

October 19th, 1977 

The first General Purpose Meeting of The Heritage Lodge U.D. was opened at 7:55 p.m., in the 
Preson-Hespler Masonic Temple with R.W. Bro. Keith Flynn presiding. Wor. Bro. James 
Faulkner agreed to act as recording Secretary in the absence of Wor. Bro. Joe Vliehs. 

CORRESPONDENCE — V.W. Bro. J. Pos reported on the progress being made by corres- 
pondence with Wilson Lodge No. 86, concerning the history of the hand carved ebony gavel dated 
1917, and recently discovered in an Antique shop near Delhi, Ontario. 

REPORTS OF COMMITTEES ON PETITIONS — Twelve of the 20 committees have submitted 
their reports. The remaining reports are expected to be in before the next Regular Meeting in 

as follows: 

The following are a few examples of the many questions that were introduced for discussion: 
How many visits should we have? How far should we travel? Should we have a degree team? 
From the discussion, the following recommendations are summarized: 

i) One or two visits a year may be sufficient. 

ii) Visitations are our best means of communication and advertisement, 
iii) A Lodge in Peterborough would like us to visit them on a third Friday, 
iv) Could the officers of the lodge be used on visits? 

v) Members of The Heritage Lodge wishing to participate in the work during visitations, 
should come forward at the next Regular Meeting and offer their services through the Secre- 
tary or Committee chairman. 
".'* We must have an Official Visit from the D.D.G.M., but it is not necessary to confer or 
exemplify a degree. 

The committee suggested that we keep the refreshments fairly simple with the exception of one 

official function per year when additional help would be required. This help was offered through 
V.W. Bro. Wm. McVittie from other Lodges in the Temple, and he volunteered to initiate the 
necessary correspondence for this assistance. 

A light lunch will provide a greater opportunity to mix and visit with the brethren from other 

During the discussions, it was recommended that the fiscal year for the lodge be from September 
1st to August 31st. 


The chairman reported that several brethren had offered their services and were awaiting direc- 
tions to proceed with their committments; hopefully a training seminar could be organized. The 
following suggestions were given to the committee: 
i) Contact all Lodge Historians 
ii) Verify all historical facts received 
iii) Search beyond the Lodge minutes and Grand Lodge Proceedings; look-up old newspapers 

iv) Photograph or micro-fiche historical records, 
v) Encourage Lodges to document and photograph significant functions. 


While the establishment of a Museum was not a number one priority, the committee suggested 
that lodges should be encouraged to restore important artifacts and exhibit them in a small show 
case in their respective lodges. The Heritage Lodge could begin by building a small exhibit case for 
the vestibule: however it was cautioned to be very selective in its aquisitions and avoid repetition. 
It should not accept anything and everything and must maintain the right to dispose of surplus or 
duplicated items. 

It was recommended by the majority present, that the historical gavel mentioned earlier be 
purchased by the Lodge, to be used by the Worshipful Master of the Heritage Lodge. The 
treasurer assured the brethren there were ample funds for this purpose. 

A comprehensive report was read on behalf of the committee, which had met on several occa- 
sions. The following recommendations were proposed: 

i) While some may have the idea that they would like to donate a particular item, we do not 
favour this method, as we could finish up with two or three similar items — other recently 
constituted lodges have experienced this very thing, 
ii) All members should be given the opportunity to contribute to a special account, from which 

necessary purchases can be made, with any excess being transferred to a welfare account, 
iii) We should purchase our own Regalia. In years to come it may well be a show piece in a 

Masonic Museum. 
A motion to the above effect would be presented at the next Regular Meeting of the lodge. 
Following the report, there was considerable discussion amongst the brethren, many of who 
would have preferred to make a particular donation; even though the money would have to be col- 
lected from individuals and the lodge would make a single purchase. There was some expression of 
desire to engrave certain items that would be presented to the lodge although all jewels do not lend 
themselves to engraving on the back side. The following suggestions were received: 

i) The cost of collar and jewel was asked and the suggested price was $25.00 plus tax. 
ii) Engraving of jewels or if the jewel did not lend itself to engraving, then a small plate could be 

engraved and embroidered into the collar, 
iii) The lodge membership or sister lodges may wish to make a particular donation, 
iv) A complete itemized list should be prepared of our requirements and all donations by in- 
dividuals or lodges should be checked and identified on the list to avoid duplication, 
v) This report is very important to the membership, and it was generally agreed to refer it back 
to the committee for further consideration and presented at the next General Purpose Meet- 
By invitation from R.W. Bro. McVittie, it was agreed to submit a letter to Concord Lodge No. 
722 requesting permission for the use of their regalia and equipment for the next four Regular 

There was considerable discussion as the the merits of retaining the Regional Masonic Work- 
shops under the umbrella of The Heritage Lodge even though the latter was an outgrowth of the 
former. Some were of the opinion that the two should be completely divorced, others thought an 
expanded Workshop Program could be useful in providing Seminars or Workshops for Lodge 
Historians which could be an outreach function of the Lodge. 

It was generally agreed that the present Regional Masonic Workshop Executive should meet in- 
dependently of the Heritage Lodge to discuss its operations for the future. 


A very interesting and detailed explanation of the designs, the theory and the reproduction 
methods stimulated a lively discussion of the various designs, variations and combinations of 
designs that were presented. The unique method of illustrating various design combinations pro- 
vided an excellent array of possibilities. By elimenating a few and following several sequences of 
vote preferences, the selection was reduced to two choices. It was agreed that these would be pre- 
sented to the general membership at the Regular Meeting in November for a final selection to 
"freeze" the design to permit the committee to proceed with the balance of their committments. 

A sincere vote of thanks was extended to W. Bro Thurtell and his committee for the very profes- 
sional manner in which the work was undertaken and the knowledge, time and effort given to the 
design creation and the detail in its presentation. 

GENERAL BUSINESS — R.W. Bro. Wilson presented a brief report from the Treasury, advising 
that $5,000 had been invested in Guaranteed Investment Certificates which have already yielded 
$309, making the Capital Budget $5,309.00 and the Operating Budget stood at $714.00. He 
expressed some concern, that we should be increasing our membership to bring up this account. 

The official visit of R.W. Bro. Charles F. Grimwood would take place on Wednesday, March 
15, 1978. The time would be advanced by 20 minutes to permit opening and closing the Lodge in 
the three degrees. There was some though that the 18th. Century Degree Team sponsored by 
Guelph Lodge No. 258 may be ready to exemplify the 200 year old Entered Apprentice Degree by 
that time. 

Plans should soon be underway to apply to Grand Lodge for a Warrant of Constitution so that 
the date of September 20, 1978, will be acceptable to Grand Lodge for the Ceremony of Constitu- 
tion and Consecration. 
The meeting was closed in harmony at 1 1 :00 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted 
James A. Faulkner, Sec'y 


M.W. Bro. Robert E. Davies 

P.O. Box 370, Mount Forest, NOG 2L0 


R.W. Bro. N.R. Richards 
59 Green St., Guelph, N1H 2H4 


M.W. Bro. J.A. Irvine 

Drawer 271, Hamilton, Ont., L8N 3C9 


R.W. Bro. Charles F. Grimwood 

446 Margaret Street, Cambridge (P) N3H 3X7 



V.W. Bro. Jacob Pos 


R.W. Bro. Ronald E. Groshaw 

I. P.M. 

R.W. Bro. N. Richard Richards 


R.W. Bro. Wm. S. McVittie 


R.W. Bro. Keith R.A. Flynn 


W. Bro. James A. Faulkner 


R.W. Bro. Donald G.S. Grinton 

Asst. Sec'y 

W. Bro. Joseph J. Vliehs 


W. Bro. L. James DeZeeuw 


R.W. Bro. W. Ed. Wilson 


Bro. George E. Zwicker 

D. ofC. 

R.W. Bro. Roy S. Sparrow 


W. Bro. Ernest J. Brown 


Bro. Rev. W. Gray Rivers 


W. Bro. Robert J. Welt 


R.W. Bro. Charles Fotheringha 



GENERAL PURPOSE (S.W.), R.W. Bro. Keith R.A. Flynn 

VISITATION & TRANSPORTATION (J. W.), R.W. Bro. Donald G.S. Grinton 





CENTRAL DATA BANK R.W. Bro. Ronald E. Groshaw 

MASONIC MUSEUM V.W. Bro. J. (Jack) Pos 

LODGE LIBRARY R.W. Bro. Roy S. Sparrow 



LODGE SEAL & BANNER W. Bro. Stewart Thurtell 

LODGE BY-LAWS R.W. Bro. Keith R.A. Flynn 


NOTE — Volunteers are urgently required for the above committees, please contact the ap- 
propriate chairmen directly, or correspond through the Secretary. 

PLEASE NOTE — This is the last issue of this publication that is being sent to those Brethren who 
have expressed an interest in The Heritage Lodge. Because of high operating costs, future mailings 
will be to members only. 

XKfje heritage lobge Wl.lB. 

A.5F. &A.ifl.. ( 

Instituted: September 21, 1977 
Preston-Hespeler Masonic Temple 

The formation of this unique lodge marks the establishment of a 
common forum for all interested masons who have a real concern for the past 
and future development of Freemasonry. Several major objectives have been 
delineated to provide challenging opportunities for a variety of talents for 
those who are interested in: scholarly research; illustrated historical 
lectures; searching, verifying and documenting important masonic discoveries; 
and a variety of other challenging subjects designe* to encourage masons and 
lodges to take an active interest in the preservation cf our Masonic Heritage. 

The Lodge meets on the third Wednesday of Sept., Nov., March and May. 

To the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of The Heritage Lodge 
U.D., of the Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada, in the Province of Ontario: 

I, of 

(Print name in full) (Street) 

of , , phone ( ) 

(Town or City) (Code) 

in the county of and 

(County) (Province or State) 

Occupation , date of birth 

being a . ,«... Mason, and desirous of becoming a member of The 

(Masonic Rank) 

Heritage Lodge U.D., do declare as follows: 

I am not in debt to any Lodge for dues or otherwise. 

I was Initiated , Passed and Raised in 

Lodge No , at , under the jurisdiction of 

the Grand Lodge of , and am in good Masonic 

standing. I was last a member of Lodge No 

Dated at 

Signature in full 

Recommended by: 1 



day of 19 

Affiliation Fee, $10.00 

Annual Dues (Sept. 1 - Aug. 31), . . 10.00 

Total $20.00 

Return to: James A. Faulkner 
22 Echo Drive, 
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